There is no single path to achieve progressive decarbonization and broad sustainability. We've chosen to focus on successfully building a large number of individual projects that serve communities with proven sustainable technologies."

- Everett Smith III, Chief Executive Officer

Who We Are

GoldenSet Capital Partners manages investments in sustainable infrastructure assets, such as energy, waste and water projects in the USA and Canada.

The GoldenSet team members have been pioneers in the clean energy industry since 2005.  Our leadership team’s extensive sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy experience helps us appropriately predict, analyze, understand and finance this rapidly evolving industry.  Our combination of technical, operational and investment expertise has allowed us to be a first mover in sustainable project investment, partnering with developers throughout the project life cycle from conception to operation.

We target lower-middle-market sustainable infrastructure assets that can be optimized through our structuring and operational expertise.  Our team’s unique capabilities and experience, coupled with our strategic relationships with top-tier capital providers, allows us to deliver maximum value from our investments.



Investing in the sustainable asset industry since 2005
Investments in eleven portfolio companies totaling over 130 MW
Strategic relationships with developers and capital providers
Full involvement through the investment cycle

Capabilities that get projects and companies built.

Triple Bottom Line

Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, criteria have been significantly influencing the way society invests.  As sustainable infrastructure investors, GoldenSet’s mandate inherently meets all three ESG criteria, and we clearly identify how during our investment review.  We feel it is our responsibility to structure transactions that create jobs in the near-term, environmental benefits in the long-term and attractive risk adjusted returns for our development partners and investors.

GoldenSet Capital Partners has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2016.

History of GoldenSet Capital Partners

GoldenSet’s leadership has been active in sustainable infrastructure since 2005 and more broadly in energy and infrastructure since 1979.  During this time, GoldenSet has gained a sound reputation as a sustainable infrastructure investor specialist focused on deploying equity and structured capital into projects and companies in the United States and Canada.  GoldenSet was a first mover in distributed energy project finance and asset aggregation investment strategies, across C&I solar, wind repowering and energy storage.

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