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Senior Advisor

David Yeh is a Senior Advisor to GoldenSet Capital providing advice on investment strategy, technology and business innovation and government policy. David’s career spans global finance, innovation, and the White House. His efforts often address critical needs in energy, sustainability, and infrastructure. He assists global asset managers and family offices on developing proprietary investments and building businesses.  He is also an active investor and business building partner to infrastructure technology startups.


At the White House, David aided the Administration’s effort to grow investment in our nation’s energy, water, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure. He convened a $7tr event with the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds to stimulate investment in the USA. He also helped run the world’s largest sustainable infrastructure portfolio ($30bn) that included some of the largest solar and wind power plants and Tesla. He founded the Presidential Executive program which recruits C-suite executives to solve national challenges such as the Western water crisis, investing in rural America, and cybersecurity.


Prior to his Presidential appointment, David was a multi-asset investor in Beijing, London, and New York. In London, he worked at Generation IM’s (Al Gore’s co-founded fund). In China, David launched the strategy and business development for a $100bn+ energy efficiency lending franchise.


David holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He is a published author (e.g. Forbes, Wall Street Journal) and active speaker (e.g. Council of Foreign Relations and World Economic Forum). He is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese as well as conversational in French.